Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas.

We had a nice, but illness-filled Christmas week.  Joel was the most giving this year- first passing his sickness and surprising me with an iPhone! ::happy dance::

I enjoyed a super solo night out (no babe or hub) at My work Christmas party. It was good food, good laughs and good company!

I also went ice skating with my gymnastics team. I love being active and ice skating is so much fun.  It made me want to get to the mountains for a snowboarding trip. ::hint hint::

My cousin's daughters jumping on the bed

My parents hosted Christmas eve and we had a house full of my crazy/awesome family and some friends we haven't seen in a while.  My childhood BFF even made a guest appearance with his mom! 

Baby A and I were at our peak sick day on Christmas, so there was a lot of cuddling, nursing and sleeping -all of which would have been amazing if we felt better. We planned on going to Grammy's house for Christmas dinner, but we didn't make it. Joel was awesome enough to pick up a' take out' plate from Grammy's so we didn't have to miss out on the prime rib and cheesy potatoes! So delicious. And my cousin should honestly open up a bakery bc her cupcakes are like little mounds of heaven. 

Little mister is a champion sitter now! He opened presents and played for a while on Christmas Morning.

Joel's parents came down for a few days and they brought two trips worth of presents! "the spirit of Grandma Shank lives on" through Mama Wenger. We enjoyed a few days-eating clam chowder, playing golf, hanging out with baby A.  

We are so grateful for our families. We are so grateful for our lives.  We are lucky. We have celebrated our first Christmas as parents with our parents.  

From this day forward,
Merry Mac

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Mister updates

he sits.

He visits.

he sleeps.

he plays while he sits.

he stands.

he helps in the kitchen.
he eats.
he drives.
he honks the horn.

He's pretty awesome.

Almost 6 months...sit down and be a baby!

From this day forward,

Monday, December 19, 2011

It seems just like yesterday you were learning to crawl...

Now you're driving! Stop growing up.

*no babies actually drove in this picture.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Adventures of Baby A

New and improved play center- NO more toys that turn lips blue (AKA De-toxifying his play toys...So sad because the toys were so cute, but this still works wonders!)
Gymnastics Lesson with Newby! 
Hanging out with daddy & a blurry baby (he moves a lot these days!)
Baby-legs are so ridiculous but awesome (will be using these more often to show off his/my diaper obsession)
Shnuggly Uncle dogs!
From this day forward,

Bathtime with Daddy

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Aiden:5 months

Your son is 5 months. 

He has become your everyday fashion accessory- you wear him around the house, at work, when you go to the bathroom.  You feel his tiny body becoming a bigger-tiny body.
You feel his strength when he pulls at your shirt as if to say, "Nurse me mama, nurse me."  You feel his strength when he pulls your hair or kicks his legs when you are trying to put on a clean diaper.
You see his thoughts, well you think you can see his thoughts when he scrunches his little forehead or puckers his lips.
You love watching him sleep.  You love watching him suck on his toes.  You even love how his face turns red and he grunts when he's having a movement.
You notice his hair is starting to grow back and that his cheeks are becoming chubby and round.  You kiss him one hundred million gazillion times a day and that doesn't feel like enough.
You want/don't want him to learn how to sit up.  You don't want him to crawl (mostly because you aren't ready to 'baby-proof' the apartment).

He is 5 months.
He loves bath time/splash time with Daddy.  He loves to nurse.  He grabs and holds tightly to the bottle as if to say, "Don't you take this away from me. gulp. gulp. gulp."
He loves staring at and discovering new things-like his toes and reflection, or the inside of a cup.  His best friend is Daddy. His partner in crime is Coco.  The love of his life is Mama.
He wants to be held.   He hates the car seat, but loves car rides with the windows down and Bob or Jack playing on the radio.
He wants to stand.  He wants the freedom to crawl and sit and become independent.

You are discovering mommy-hood with a 5 month old.
He is discovering life at 5 months old.

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