Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aiden: 8 weeks old


             days from last period.

counting lines on pregnancy test (2 means yes, yes you are preggo-even if the second line is faint)

counting meals kept down (bean and cheese burritos for weeks)

counting weeks, counting trimesters

counting pounds- first lost (14) then gained (29)

counting flickering heart beats on the ultrasound screen (only 1, phew!)

counting belly inches and stretch marks (didn't get any! thank goodness)

counting weeks and weeks and  weeks- the third trimester NEVER ends (okay, it does end eventually)

counting time between contractions, counting length and pain of contractions

counting hours of labor

counting deep, slow breathing before pushing for a count of (try to make it to) ten

counting hours of pushing (three)

counting fingers, counting toes (ten of each!)

counting eyes and nose and every inch of your perfect body

counting diapers

counting hours missed of sleep

counting inches, counting pounds

counting smiles, giggles, sounds

counting days, counting weeks...

eight. I can't believe my son is 8 weeks (his two months is on the 6th-how confusing, right?) but anyways this month has a few new accomplishments for momma and mister:

he loves to play the piano...with his feet!

cloth diapering, real cloth diapering.  yup, we finally did it, we used the Gcloth inserts and we even had a poopie diaper and it's not so bad. I only use the cloth when i'm at my parent's house because they have a washer and dryer handy. (i do spend 90% of the week at their house anyway...) 'schedule'.  we have a schedule, kind of. 4 AM wake up, feed for an hour try to put baby to sleep for a half hour, cat wakes baby up, mommy yells at daddy to get up, daddy lays and plays with baby until they both fall asleep while mommy sneaks into the other room and sleeps for 2 hours! the rest of the day is pretty much this: eat, play, sleep, play, cry, eat, play, sleep, play, cry, is working and he tends to 'nap' around the same times every day and goes to bed roughly around 10:30 and 11:30.  'work'.  i've peaked into my work a few times. once to judge my compulsory girls in a practice meet and another to make some more lesson plans for the extra few weeks i will be off. (boobie consult is next thursday). i plan on returning to work as soon as we have my problem under control, but it looks like at least another 3 weeks off for me. (simultaneous sad face & huge smile)

 I have been looking at pictures from when he was born. my son was a chubster at birth, he looks like a completely different baby. check out his chubby cheeks and arms...even his fingers are chubby!

 it is so crazy how much he has changed and grown in this short amount of time- i can't believe how much we have been through. i don't want time to pass so quickly (even though i dream of the future days when Aiden will sleep for 10-12 hours a

we've gotten better at the things we've been doing for a while- smiles and giggles are louder and more frequent, playmat and tummy time are longer and rowdier, breastfeeding is slowly taking over most of his feedings (he had a bottle for the first time today in 5 days!), crying has even gotten better (ugh!)

Enjoy some pictures from our week:

uncle buster keeping an eye on AJcoco copying AJ..? random baby parts

random baby parts in tube socks

nap nap time

look how much he's changed:

3 days, a few weeks, 8 weeksi guess we should add swaddling to the list of things we've improved at also!

From this day forward,


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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Guest Post: "Learning to Read" by Kathleen Thomas

 I have loved books and reading (anything) since I was a young child. I loved all kinds of books- babysitters club, goosebumps, a gymnastics series. I even studied English and Creative Writing in College because I was so drawn to literature. I knew that when I had children of my own, I would surround them with the written word.  My son's bookshelf is already full of stories and adventures.  We read to Aiden as often as we can- it's great bonding time and we love watching his little facial expressions. Please enjoy this article on the importance of books and reading.

Kathleen is a  Communications Coordinators for the Atlanta day care facility, a member of the AdvancED® accredited family of Primrose Schools (located in 16 states throughout the U.S.) and part of the network of preschools delivering progressive, early childhood, Balanced Learning® curriculum.

Learning to Read
By: Kathleen Thomas

For decades researchers have proved that being able to read to and having interactive experiences with books are key predictors of a child’s later school success.  Many parents wonder at what point they should start reading with their children.  Interestingly, a love of reading begins early on as infants or, some say, even before birth.   When you begin to read books to your little ones, point to the pictures in the book and talk about them in an exaggerated fashion.  What you say doesn’t necessarily have to match the words in the book – you can personalize the story to make it even more engaging.  

Time is always an issue, but make it a priority to find the time to read together because it will help raise a reader.  Robert Needlman, M.D., author of Dr. Spock’s Baby Basics and member of the Primrose preschools Education Advisory Board, suggests that one of the most important things about nurturing a reader is to read with a child from a very early age.  “There’s no prescription for this, the only prescription is to allow some time each day that you can sit down, connect with your child, and read together.  The main thing is to allow it to occur in a way that’s joyful, that conveys enjoyment to the child – from enjoyment the rest will follow.”

Selecting the right books is a key factor in helping make the time you and your child spend reading a very special time.  Books that really “work” have engaging, distinct illustrations and simple, rhythmic language.  Children particularly enjoy books that are repetitive or ask them to participate and anticipate what comes next.  Another important factor to remember when choosing books for your child is to select ones that you like yourself, because you’ll probably read them in a more animated, connected manner.  Children love to hear the same book read over and over again which is another good reason to make sure the books you choose are ones you won’t easily get tired of.   You will naturally foster an appreciation of literature when your child sees that you also take pleasure from a book. 

Try these tips to help your family create a fun and engaging literacy-rich environment that will help build an early foundation for a successful reader:
  • Ask your child’s teacher for a list of books that relate to what is happening at school; buy or borrow these books from the library and read them together at home
  • Surround children with age-appropriate books on a variety of subjects
  • Read stories to children daily from infancy and encourage them to participate in the story
  • Always keep favorite books in the car for “waiting” periods and long trips
  • Older children, preschool and above, who have been read to will proudly “read” their favorite familiar books aloud.  They will usually retell the story as they turn the pages and point to the illustrations.  Sometimes children will make up entirely different stories to go with the pictures.  This is a significant stage in literacy development because children are demonstrating that they know books are meant to communicate stories.  They are “getting” it.

Children come into the world on a mission to learn how language works, and parents talk and sing with them to support their understanding and their ability to communicate.   Reading books with them is another powerful language support tool that enables children to put together an idea of how stories and written language work.  Cognitive development needs a surrounding supportive relationship to flourish, so go grab a book and begin reading to your child today!

What is your favorite child's book? What books did/do your children like?

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aiden's new do



p.s. nice nose boogie son!

From this day forward,
Mac-this is what i do when i am up pumping at 12:41 am.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pets, postpartum & pesky boobie problems

coco hiding under Aiden's bassinet

At least someone uses the bassinet...and have I mentioned, poor coco is no longer #1. I miss her furry cuddles and annoying morning meows, but with baby A taking over our house -seriously, who knew that a baby requires SO much stuff???- the little baby coco has been locked in closets (totally Joel's fault), sleeping alone, staying alone a good portion of most days (BC I take up residence at my parens house on the reg), and has become a mere, dare I say it, pet.

P-E-T not CAT-C-H-I-LD. 

when you had a baby did your pets take a temporary backseat? Or was it a permanent move to second place?


Lower lady parts are healed nicely and everything is where it should be. I'm cleared medically for some hanky panky (sorry momma!). But mentally ready.. don't think so. (Sorry Joel!) Don't worry I wont keep you posted on this detail.

Tummy is 50% back to normal. Squishy-ness is slowly hardening up, dark line down my tummy is fading, hips and hooray are a little wider than before and my jeans still don't fit,  belly button still sticks out! I am seriously nervous about I will have an outtie-4-life (new screen name? ((If I still had one!)).

Boobies are Fuller. Righty has had mastitis twice & I'm scheduled to see a breast specialist on the 8th. My OB/GYN thinks I might have an abscess and it will need to be drained. ::sigh:: BREASTFEEDING IS FLIPPING HARD but im not giving up just yet (we've had to supplement,but we are slowly on our way back to EBF. I will keep you updated on the status of my jeans fitting and on my boobies BC I know you are all so interested.

From this day forward,

Mac has an outtie!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aiden: 7 weeks old

Aiden is 7 weeks

  • sleeping 12 midnight-between 3:30 and 4:45 am! woot woot. (granted i do have to sleep with him on the couch bed, BUT it is a good solid stretch of sleep for all)
  • sleeping for mama 6:45 am-8ish am. i let joel sleep thru the night and he gives me these 2 hours. i just love my husband.
  • supplementing with formula, but slowly decreasing this amount. more time on the boob= less time with the SNS and bottle.
  • activity mat. just purchased today, but he played for about 15 minutes. will post a picture soon! 
  • too much coffee for mama and daddy. not only am i addicted to starbucks again, but now so is my husband. (we do accept giftcards ::wink wink::)
  • photos:

the boys in the locker room

just wearing my cardigan
reading a super intriguing book

not wearing any pants
a vegetarian meal: garlic soup + gouda grilled cheese (it wasn't burnt, that's just the photo app!)

tummy time/reading his favorite book (seriously, he reads it every day!)

Mommy needs a haircut/i will get a picture that is clear & cute with my son!

random baby parts are SO adorable

we share secrets

baby smiles

handsome boy

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Never too young-

To start reading abstract poetry. My son is a genius at 6 weeks.

From this day forward,

Artsy fartsy

Sunday, August 21, 2011

This is how we do

Sunday funfair with Auntie Madi.

From this day forward,


Some of the Greats

(great) nana and papa

mac-mommy, auntie madi, & nana

NaPa Bowman

"Te amo, Aiden"

 (great) Grammy

(great) Papa Ken

*missing= (great) Grandma and Grandpa Wenger.

Aren't the GRRRRReat?
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Do not be fooled...

This is a rare moment.

From this day forward,

Mac-sleepy head

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aiden: 6 weeks old

Tummy time with Daddy
Aiden is 6 weeks old-these means a variety of things for our little family- but the main one being that this little mama is supposed to return to work soon...oh, how i am torn.  I know that i am going to take at least 1 extra week off (due to his time in the hospital for jaundice and all the doctor's appointments).  those first 2 weeks were extremely hard on us and i still feel like we are 'behind' in the mama/son routine. 

mama update:
I have had 2 bouts of mastitis- My doctor thinks i may have a lingering infection and as of Monday, put me back on antibiotics. *sad face* my right breast is the one that is suffering and it is noticeably larger than my left. None of my bras fit me, so most of the time i go bra-less or wear a bandeau.  My nana is taking me bra shopping Friday!!! woot woot.

baby update:
Aiden is a slowwwww and weak eater at the breast & this was very apparent when he weighed in at under his birth weight! this news was & wasn't shocking. was because i so want to be able to provide him with the nutrients and quantity that he needs via breastfeeding & i felt confident in my abilities. and wasn't because his little gdiapers have been sagging a little.  so he's been on a supplemental (formula and expressed breast milk) diet. he is definitely putting on some weight and is becoming a little chubster.

breastfeeding update:
i am NOT giving up. it doesn't mean i don't WANT to give up (at times) but i know the benefits of breastfeeding and just from giving him the bottle these past 3 days, i miss our nursing sessions. i miss his little body pressed against mine. i miss his arm wrapped around my side and his little eyes looking up at me.  So, i ordered a supplemental nursing system and it will be here tomorrow! i'm excited to try it out and will keep you updated on how it works & if baby and me becoming a breastfeeding team again!

6 weeks have included...
  • date night
    • my awesome mama babysat last saturday & the hubs & i went on a sushi date. we shared a large Asahi, a small bottle of sake & lots of giggles & hand-holding.
  • T.V. 
    • scene: crying, inconsolable baby. mama swaddles, shushes, holds baby on his side. baby still crying. mama walks near the T.V. (Angel game none-the-less) baby stops crying & watches the game. true story.  My son obviously knows  what's up.  the angles lost, aiden fell asleep.
  • bottles
    • i like my como tomo bottle. it is really a neat little bottle, but it is also leftie & rightie's enemy.  he loves his bottle-quick and easy food from yaya, auntie madi, daddy. he hate my boobies at the moment- screaming and whimpering when i put him to the breast (except in the middle of the night, he'll gladly suckle and cuddle with his mama)
  • baby wearing & breast pumping dinner
    • tonight my husband brought home some mexican food. YUM! tonight, he wore the little mister. I pumped for the little mister. this was all while we ate our dinner. true family dinner at it's finest.  

twins. & my messy looking apartment.

From this day forward,
mac-promises we're not slobs.

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sleepy baby.

Aiden has been catching up on his zzz's lately. BUT he isn't quite where he should be on the weight charts, SO this mama is breaking the golden rule ("never wake a sleeping baby."- it isn't really the golden rule, just a nice rule to dream about...4 straight hours of sleep) and is feeding the little mister every 2-3 hours.

Time to wakey-wakey son!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011 the nude.

summer is coming to an end, i decided to take advantage of the weather (and some indirect sunlight for the much needed vitamin D-still fighting off that last bit of 'yellow') and YUP, AJ got a bath outside today. does it look like he enjoyed it? What are you doing for your last few days of summer?

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aiden: 5 week update (Picture heavy)

Remember last week how we discovered swaddling is a must? Well, this week we discovered that swaddling with Aden and Anais swaddling blankets is a really big must, especially for summer.
5 weeks

Okay 5 weeks has been full of...

  • A little more sleep  (thanks to our new swaddling blankets)
  • A little bit more fun
    • Aiden is making more noises and interacting with hilarious facial expressions and sounds
  • Some dancing (ok, a lot of dancing) 
    • this momma is stir crazy and this baby can shake his little tush-ka (ok, with some help, but I can tell, he's got some moves) 
  • Adventures
    • I've figured out how to use my stroller (huge feat. this is one fancy/heavy stroller.
    • I wore baby at trader joes. Yes, grocery shopping with the baby and no husband (just a sissy and one of her friends. that is almost solo, the girls are only 15).
  •  PICTURES...
doggie uncles

mommy trying to get cute for some photos

mommy giving up on being cute and enjoying a little beer (yes, i am nursing! beer is good for the milk!!!)

another attempt at getting cute. p.s. does my son ever wear clothes???

at leaast SOMEONE is sleeping around here. 

there has been more of this lately too, but i love it because he looks just like his daddy.

catching his sun for the day in his 'Nordstroms' stroller.

again, at least SOMEONE is sleeping.

check out those guns.

i could eat those feet all day long (and i do!)

he didn't like his neck pillow. true story. as soon as i moved it, he slept.

see? sleeping baby and sleeping uncle dog

his new babysitter, Clyde.

i was having too much fun with my vignette phone app....

uncle clyde= Aiden's horse.


Joel got him to laugh! it was awesome. i cried.

mommy's first glass of alcoholic wine since getting pregnant/having baby.

new swaddler (no this is not how i swaddle him). I love your face in this picture, son.

From this day forward,
Macrae's gotta go bc baby is a cryin'

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