Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aiden: 7 weeks old

Aiden is 7 weeks

  • sleeping 12 midnight-between 3:30 and 4:45 am! woot woot. (granted i do have to sleep with him on the couch bed, BUT it is a good solid stretch of sleep for all)
  • sleeping for mama 6:45 am-8ish am. i let joel sleep thru the night and he gives me these 2 hours. i just love my husband.
  • supplementing with formula, but slowly decreasing this amount. more time on the boob= less time with the SNS and bottle.
  • activity mat. just purchased today, but he played for about 15 minutes. will post a picture soon! 
  • too much coffee for mama and daddy. not only am i addicted to starbucks again, but now so is my husband. (we do accept giftcards ::wink wink::)
  • photos:

the boys in the locker room

just wearing my cardigan
reading a super intriguing book

not wearing any pants
a vegetarian meal: garlic soup + gouda grilled cheese (it wasn't burnt, that's just the photo app!)

tummy time/reading his favorite book (seriously, he reads it every day!)

Mommy needs a haircut/i will get a picture that is clear & cute with my son!

random baby parts are SO adorable

we share secrets

baby smiles

handsome boy

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