Thursday, June 23, 2011

38 weeks

I didn't think I would still have a baby in my belly at this point (a girl can dream, right?), but here I am at 38 weeks (1 day, but this picture was taken last night-my 'official' 38 week mark).  So let's see, 38 weeks has been...

  • Boring- No work, No play (a little indulging in watching movies and walking to Starbucks and reading, but mostly boring) WAH! Can I have some cheese with that non-alcoholic w(h)ine?
  • Filled with practice labor-thought I was going to have Aiden this weekend, instead I had hot wings (nom nom) and cheese bread (NOM NOM NOM) with husband and handy husband 
    • P.S. They did NOT fix the crib or hang my shelf...GOSH! jk, but really GOSH, I am pregnant and I want it done nowwwww- said in voice of that spoiled girl from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original version.
  • Hot wings and cheesy bread! 
  • Getting judged at Starbucks for ordering an Iced Chai Tea. 
    • "Should you be having caffeine?" -Starbucks cashier. "My doctor said I could" -Hot and Sweaty Mac (do note that I totally said it like a 3rd grader)
  •  Misspellings of easy words and incorrect usage of your and you're...this is only a big deal bc this is a huge pet peeve of mine! I hope this is just a pregnant thing.
  • Extra cuddly kitties that want to sleep on my face instead of just the usual spooning position.
  • The Urge to SMELL a Lowe's or other hardware store- I just LOVE & Crave the smell- so there, that is my totally weird pregnancy craving.
    • My Nina said she craved the smell of Gasoline, but resisted the urge...I don't resist the urge, I beg Joel to go everyday. I kind of want to go now...
  • New Bikinis...yep, that Orange top is new (it was on clearance and I've had my eye on it since spring, I put back nail polish & body mist so I could get it).
  • Anxious grandparents, yayas, aunties, friends, daddys, mommys, kitties, etc.  Come on Baby Aiden we want to meet you.
From this day forward,
Caffeine drinking preggo lady

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Son, It's time to get out of there...a poem?

It's been 38 weeks, 266 days since you have taken over my body
(in reality I didn't notice you in there until you were 6 weeks old, but still you were there).
I first noticed you when my mornings (afternoons, nights, and middle of the nights) were spent with my head in the toilet or running towards a sink if your father was using the toilet.

I first loved you when I saw your tiny, Lima bean shaped body- an ultrasound, your first picture.
I loved you each time I felt nauseous after brushing my teeth (okay, it was a mix of love and something not quite love but that was only because no one likes throwing up after they've brushed their teeth).

Your father has loved you since the day I told him you were in there, and even more when you kicked him in the cheek.
keep kicking him even once you are out of there because I secretly love it, 
but once you are out, please take a break from kicking me
I have felt your knobby knees and sharp little elbows in my ribs for long enough.

Let me instead hold your tiny body to me chest
And let you wrap your tiny hands around my finger
Let me smell your newborn head (and milky breath and even things I probably won't enjoy the smell of).

Let me see whose eyes you have, and which horrible nose you ended up with (but don't worry, it looks good on you, son!)

Let your father hold you, 
let him feel your weight, 
let him feel you and see you change with each day, week, year.

Son, it's time (no rush or anything)
Get out of there! 
(pretty please with breast milk on top)

From this day forward,
Mac-used to be a poet

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Steppin' Out #4- Baby Shower

Saturday was the last of MANY baby showers. WE are extremely lucky to have such UH-mazing family, friends, co-workers, gymnasts & parents that have definitely helped us with the necessities (& not necessary, but OH-SO-CUTE) baby items.  I had a great time at my 'family' baby shower hosted by my Momma, Aunt Monica, and Nina.  The decorations were amazing (see pics below), the food was delicious, & the conversations entertaining. 

My momma made the invitations, many decorations, & plenty of baby blankets/owls/etc. for Baby Aiden. She seriously needs to go into business!

My husband, father-in-law, uncles, & cousins stopped by for the after hours party (we stayed out until midnight) and my families got to spend some quality time together watching baseball, eating more food & reminiscing.  It was another great day spent with the ones we love, & another great distraction for the final few weeks before Baby Aiden.

The Baby shower...


My 'old' gymnastics coach is also pregnant.We are due just days apart! We've been texting and chatting over the months-discussing our pregnancy complaints!  It was great to see her and her baby bump (Baby Sophie).
G-diapers (so adorable.) can't wait to put Aiden's booty in those! 
The outfit on the far Right was my husbands! 
Beautiful flowers. 
Cute owls everywhere!

My too grown-up baby sister. She can't wait to be an auntie 

This is what happens late at night.  My super crafty momma, my super pregnant self, & My super party-planner/chef Aunt Monica!  Thank you again for a great shower.

a squirrel tried to crash the party.
"Take more pictures!"
Funny games.
crashing cousins

I just love my husband.

From this day forward,
Mac-is-ready for this baby!

Friday, June 10, 2011

36 weeks

I have yet to be hit with the nesting bug...does this mean I still have weeks left before the arrival of baby Aiden? Or is it just that I'm not a cleaner?  I think (hope) the second is more accurate.  BUT let me clarify, my house is not messy, not even dirty really.  When I first lived on my own, I would just fill the tub slightly & dump bleach into it and let it sit for 20 minutes. I'd do the same thing to the toilets and sinks.  I hated doing it because within a few hours I would feel nauseous for the rest of the day, sometimes even into the next day.

Over that past few years, my husband and I have slowly become more aware of non-toxic living.  We've cut out laundry detergent that was giving us both the itchies, cleaning supplies that would bring on an asthma attack, even most processed foods, poisonous Cat flea medication.  And instead have started using detergent without any chemicals (works just as well, and our clothes are just as soft), we clean most everything with white vinegar, baking soda and most recently lemon juice (it acts like a bleach, but smells nice!), we cleaned our freezers of Hot Pockets (sad face) and non-organic meats, and we use an all-natural, essential oil-based flea medication for our cat (this smells pretty strong, but like peppermint and eucalyptus, rather than ick). 

We are still guilty of drinking bottled water (we buy a gallon jug and keep it in our fridge) because our tap water isn't drinkable, we still like love McDonald's sweet tea and chicken sandwiches, we on occasion still use the lotions and soaps that are full of chemicals (but smell sooo good).  But our main goal is to use/ingest all of these things in moderation, to set an example for our son and show him that natural (less toxic) living is easy and healthier to do!

With that said...36 weeks has been...

getting up from any sitting or lying position is awkward.
belly bumping into everything from my counters to strangers is AWK.
burping without warning, anywhere is funny, but Awkward.
my belly button is super sticking out now and everyone wants to poke it- AWKWARD!

sleeping- HAHAHA, what's that?  it's all about that 30 minute nap in corners of comfy couches.
waking up at 4:30 AM, slightly hungry, mostly annoyed.
even my coveted yoga ball isn't as comfortable as before.
bras. underwear.  clothes in general.

Baby's room is pretty much ready.
Hospital bag is ready to be packed (clothes and whatnot picked out, but not physically in a bag yet!)
Spending these last few weeks celebrating with family & friends.
that is hasn't been extremely HOT (i'm still awkwardly hot & sweaty, but i know how much hotter and sweatier i could be!)

I'm guessing (hoping) I will have this baby by next Friday. Saturday or Monday. (Sundays are no good for me because I enjoy doing nothing, and labor and delivery doesn't sound like a super Sunday to me. **wink wink**)

From this day forward,
Mac-donald's sweet tea fanatic (for only $1, you can't go wrong!)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby's room

Semi-before pictures...
Semi-after pictures. 
we still want to add small details here and there...
like a crib mattress (we have one picked out-all organic and natural materials!).
still looking for a Mobile.
thinking about a shelf for over the changing table.
want to get a new lamp/ hanging Chinese lanterns.
need a small table for next to the glider.
& we need a baby to put in the room.

I'm a book worm. Aiden will be one also.

the corner with the ugly light, is going to have hanging Chinese lanterns.

& just because everything looks cooler in vignette...some more photos of the room!
Window Covering

Live. Family. Laugh.

Books, Toys & Storage

Cracks me up, Yoda does.

Rocking corner: needs a table & a better light

Our eclectic wall of Asian-ness, baseball, owls & stuff.

that is not a mobile in our crib- right now the crib is storage space!

I think that blob covering Buddha's face is our turtle! haha.

Those T-shirts were ours as lil' babes.
 left was mine.
 right was Joel's.
both are now Aiden's.

Special Thanks to Jack for helping us build & hang things.  
A THANK YOU/I LOVE YOU to my Momma for washing all the baby clothes & Gdiapers, for helping me organize the closet & changing table, & for just being super helpful these past few weeks!  

we also (finally) hung some photos in our 'hallway'

Also, a really BIG high five to my awesome husband for creating the best wall collages & baby's room ever.  we make a pretty good team & i had some major fun with you last night (& my whole life).

From this day forward,

p.s. My work friends threw me the quaintest baby shower this was full of stuffed strawberries, feta pastries, milk chuggin, & lots of great conversation and laughs.  Thank you Jordan and Becky!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Steppin' Out #3- honeymoon dress turned maternity dress

I'm getting desperate in the clothing department. Creativity is key.  Recycled dress from Honeymoon? I think yes.

From This Day Forward,
MacStylin' (I know this is a stretch, but Oh well!)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Wenger Shower & 35 weeks...

Wenger Baby Shower was full of...

Luau Lollipops. Inappropriate pregnant drinks (that i wanted oh so badly!). Confetti cupcakes with strawberry frosting (made by *super mama* Val). and 25 lbs. of pork and 20 lbs. of chicken (made by *super handyman* Jack Jack).

Is that a watermelon in your tummy? or are you just super pregnant?!? This was so fun(ny).

Onesie making (they got increasingly more inappropriate as the night went on, i MIGHT post those later!)

I wish Joel had to carry the watermelon around ALL DAY LONG. (he looks so cute with his little 'bump')

Mucho thanks to all our friends that came to celebrate baby Wenger!! Val and Jack are amazing party planners and our luau was fun for everyone! It was an nontraditional baby shower, but I liked having the 'guys' there to join in! & I know my husband had a blast with all his friends. 

35 weeks...

Today I am 35 weeks. 

Yesterday, I had a doc's appointment and she said the baby is 'low, low, low' (yes, like the song!), but that all looks good and healthy.  She also said I could start my work leave next week, BUT I think I'm going to wait until I see her again in 3 weeks...Am i crazy? (no, i'm MaCRAEZIE).  But really, I want to take the time off to get some mental rest, physical rest, and to have some time getting the house a little more prepared (because the next 3 weekends are PACKED with activities). But at this point, I'm just going to take it day-by-day.

Today my baby is the weight of a honeydew.
My belly is the size of a watermelon (see above pics).
I want abnormal quantities of watermelon, pineapple, and avocado (not together).
I am grumpy. like RAWR grumpy.
I got stuck in the bathtub on Sunday morning-  I sat down to shave my legs (because I was being so kind & awesome-letting Joel sleep in, instead of shaving my legs for me). 
Because i was being so kind & awesome, Joel was asleep and i was stuck in the bathtub, but it's okay because I made up a few song lyrics, (envision my totally off tone, squeaky voice)
"I'm stuck in tub. ya ya ya. I'm stuck in the tub while my hub a bub bub is SLEEEEEPINNNNNG.  Hub a bub bub, I'm stuck in the tub. PLEASE WAKE UP AND HELP ME!!!! help me. please."
My cat was no help (I needed Lassie) and she just sat staring at me like I was a craeZie.
don't worry, he woke up eventually (20 minutes later!) and rescued his whale of a wife.
At least I had freshly shaven legs!

From this Day Forward,
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