Thursday, June 23, 2011

38 weeks

I didn't think I would still have a baby in my belly at this point (a girl can dream, right?), but here I am at 38 weeks (1 day, but this picture was taken last night-my 'official' 38 week mark).  So let's see, 38 weeks has been...

  • Boring- No work, No play (a little indulging in watching movies and walking to Starbucks and reading, but mostly boring) WAH! Can I have some cheese with that non-alcoholic w(h)ine?
  • Filled with practice labor-thought I was going to have Aiden this weekend, instead I had hot wings (nom nom) and cheese bread (NOM NOM NOM) with husband and handy husband 
    • P.S. They did NOT fix the crib or hang my shelf...GOSH! jk, but really GOSH, I am pregnant and I want it done nowwwww- said in voice of that spoiled girl from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original version.
  • Hot wings and cheesy bread! 
  • Getting judged at Starbucks for ordering an Iced Chai Tea. 
    • "Should you be having caffeine?" -Starbucks cashier. "My doctor said I could" -Hot and Sweaty Mac (do note that I totally said it like a 3rd grader)
  •  Misspellings of easy words and incorrect usage of your and you're...this is only a big deal bc this is a huge pet peeve of mine! I hope this is just a pregnant thing.
  • Extra cuddly kitties that want to sleep on my face instead of just the usual spooning position.
  • The Urge to SMELL a Lowe's or other hardware store- I just LOVE & Crave the smell- so there, that is my totally weird pregnancy craving.
    • My Nina said she craved the smell of Gasoline, but resisted the urge...I don't resist the urge, I beg Joel to go everyday. I kind of want to go now...
  • New Bikinis...yep, that Orange top is new (it was on clearance and I've had my eye on it since spring, I put back nail polish & body mist so I could get it).
  • Anxious grandparents, yayas, aunties, friends, daddys, mommys, kitties, etc.  Come on Baby Aiden we want to meet you.
From this day forward,
Caffeine drinking preggo lady

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