Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick preview of Aiden's birth story...

checking in

picking her lip- her nervous habit
holy contractions

he's only pretending to be calm

contractions and baby heart beats
i am going to write the 'real' story when i have some more time. i'm thinking of writing it in second person. i also have some graphic photos i might share.  thoughts? concerns? ideas? 

from this day forward,
officially a Mac-mommy

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aiden: 3 weeks old

A.J. is 3 weeks old!
3 weeks old already.  when you have a newborn, time doesn't make sense. i never know what day/date it is. i barely know what time it is (thank GAWD for cellphones jk). but really, having a new itty bitty living human baby to care for is amazing/hard/tiring (exhausting)/fun/hard (did i already say that?)/crazy/surreal...

Things that we have learned/accomplished this week are:

  • All that chanting and singing "no more more rubin" has helped, his numbers are low enough to NOT have to go to the docs every other day.  ::WOOT WOOT::
    • we do have to monitor his yellow-ness though (I though asian babies were supposed to be yellow...haha? too soon?)
  • Mommy learned how to wear the baby sling and boy does it make life a little bit easier (like right now for instance, i am able to photo edit and blog bc he is shnuggled into my chest with my awesome sleepy wrap)
  • Weight is up to 9 lbs 12.5 ounces
  • We are back to breastfeeding 98% of the time (he gets a breast-milk bottle occasionally when momma is away)
  • We learned how to nurse in the side-lying position (this helps us both get some major cuddle time in and some extra ZZZs)
  • Daddy's been back at work so we try to let him sleep a 5+ hour stretch at night time (he still has to change at least 1 diaper, to keep it real in the Wenger household).
  • We came up with a few new 'poopie' songs
    • "push it out, push it out, get that poopie poopie out!"
    • "poop de doop, poop de doop de doop de doop" (like that one song...haha)

Here are some awesome pics from this past week!

i told him daddy was coming home soon!


not bad for a camera phone

we heart gdiapers

he is in training...yes, he is holding the baseball. LOL!

he was fake sleeping

Kim made this hat


HUGE feet
sling wearing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aiden: 2 weeks old

2 Weeks old!


Meeting the Brothers


G'd up in his gdiaper.

Still has high bili levels. still going to the doctors almost every day.  Still the most  precious & awesome baby in town! (biased much?)

Sing with us...

"No more Bili, No more rubin, No more bili, no more rubin...poop it out, pee it out...bilirubin get out!"

Happy 2 weeks Baby Aiden, we got you a bili-blanket! yay!!! (this will pass)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aiden: 1 Week old.

My son has HUGE feet.
Coco is doing GREAT with the little mister.  We feel like she's been a little neglected by us though. (sad face)

My little chubby mister (only in pictures he looks chubby)

Getting his Tan on.

Story time with daddy. "Playing for Pizza"


Daddy in the chair bed

                                  G diapers                                               Mommy & Daddy in the chair bed.
1 Week old. I know this is a lame picture, but it was all I could get!

What a week...No seriously WHAT A WEEK!!!

We missed his 2 day old doctor's appointment bc both Joel and I have pregnant brain (yes, Dads get it too when they are up all night with their laboring wife!), but were able to reschedule for Monday. Oh Monday.

Monday: doctor's appointment.  Baby looks kind of yellow.  take him to get blood tests. his bilirubin levels are high enough for hospitalization.  Mommy cries.  Pack for 3 days. Nurses are amazing on the Peds floor. Aiden gets his 'tan' on. yaya rubs liver pressure point and talks to you while mommy & daddy try to rest/relax.

Tuesday: Mommy & Daddy take turns (or try to sleep together) on a fold out chair. this is uncomfortable, but we do it. Mom pumps breastmilk bc baby can't come out of bed. Bilirubin levels have dropped, but not enough to go home. Nana & Papa come to visit. Nana interrogates all the nurses (she approves of most of them).  Mommy & Daddy run home for a shower.

Wednesday: Baby is 1 week old! Daddy falls asleep in parent room with all the lights and T.V. on. Bilirubin levels drop enough to go home! yay! but we have to come back in a few days. We go home, exhausted.

Thursday & Friday & Saturday & Sunday are a blur or Doctor's appointments for Mommy and baby.

Other highlights:
  • umblical cord falls off (this seems early, but docs say it happens)
  • Aiden gives me a huge smile...melted my heart.
  • I won a giveaway from Oh Dear Drea. Won the full line of Vegan baby bath supplies (we love them)
  • Aiden learns first baby sign.  When he is finished eating (we try to give him more and he doesn't want it) he puckers his top lip and juts out his bottom lip- it is totally adorable.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

1 year anniversary

the cake was okay. but it still looked pretty! (the sunflower was from a recent shopping trip, not the wedding!)

still no baby...(good boy!)
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