Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Wenger Shower & 35 weeks...

Wenger Baby Shower was full of...

Luau Lollipops. Inappropriate pregnant drinks (that i wanted oh so badly!). Confetti cupcakes with strawberry frosting (made by *super mama* Val). and 25 lbs. of pork and 20 lbs. of chicken (made by *super handyman* Jack Jack).

Is that a watermelon in your tummy? or are you just super pregnant?!? This was so fun(ny).

Onesie making (they got increasingly more inappropriate as the night went on, i MIGHT post those later!)

I wish Joel had to carry the watermelon around ALL DAY LONG. (he looks so cute with his little 'bump')

Mucho thanks to all our friends that came to celebrate baby Wenger!! Val and Jack are amazing party planners and our luau was fun for everyone! It was an nontraditional baby shower, but I liked having the 'guys' there to join in! & I know my husband had a blast with all his friends. 

35 weeks...

Today I am 35 weeks. 

Yesterday, I had a doc's appointment and she said the baby is 'low, low, low' (yes, like the song!), but that all looks good and healthy.  She also said I could start my work leave next week, BUT I think I'm going to wait until I see her again in 3 weeks...Am i crazy? (no, i'm MaCRAEZIE).  But really, I want to take the time off to get some mental rest, physical rest, and to have some time getting the house a little more prepared (because the next 3 weekends are PACKED with activities). But at this point, I'm just going to take it day-by-day.

Today my baby is the weight of a honeydew.
My belly is the size of a watermelon (see above pics).
I want abnormal quantities of watermelon, pineapple, and avocado (not together).
I am grumpy. like RAWR grumpy.
I got stuck in the bathtub on Sunday morning-  I sat down to shave my legs (because I was being so kind & awesome-letting Joel sleep in, instead of shaving my legs for me). 
Because i was being so kind & awesome, Joel was asleep and i was stuck in the bathtub, but it's okay because I made up a few song lyrics, (envision my totally off tone, squeaky voice)
"I'm stuck in tub. ya ya ya. I'm stuck in the tub while my hub a bub bub is SLEEEEEPINNNNNG.  Hub a bub bub, I'm stuck in the tub. PLEASE WAKE UP AND HELP ME!!!! help me. please."
My cat was no help (I needed Lassie) and she just sat staring at me like I was a craeZie.
don't worry, he woke up eventually (20 minutes later!) and rescued his whale of a wife.
At least I had freshly shaven legs!

From this Day Forward,

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