Thursday, May 26, 2011

34 weeks...

Only a mild case of heartburn & a stretch of 4 hours sleep.
Baby is low (my 'region' is constantly sore).
A little girl said to me,
"Wow, that baby is ready to POP right out" (her mother turned bright red, I absolutely loved the little girl's inhibition to rub my belly and say wonderful child-things)
All the dad's at my work keep saying i'm huge.
All the mom's keep saying how small i am- "you are all belly." & "you've stayed in such great shape."
(Keep it coming ladies...super confidence booster when you have very few normal clothes that fit!)
I'm a little more hormonal than I'd like to be- crying at commercials & getting my feelings hurt over petty things, but I'm trying my best to be confident, loving, kind, & not whiny.

34 weeks was also TASTY!!!!
Kogi's food truck was nearby...

he is using the couch as a table.
 the couch table usage is okay bc it was 11 PM on a work night.
& he was being polite.
sitting with me on floor pillows with my legs in a straddle sit (thank you gymanstics years!)
((this is my second favorite position, behind the yoga ball squat!)
& Kogi's = most AH-mazing Korean BBQ from a food truck.
Way better than eating a lame spaghetti dinner at 7:30 PM.

is that a baby or my dinner?!?!

ignore my fat face & adore the baby bump!!! (no really, talk to it & rub it)

Notice the blank wall in the background?
it is going to turn into a wedding collage of photos and when Aiden is here we will frame some pictures of his adorable little fingers and toes too!
Any suggestions on where to buy some affordable, vintage-y looking frames?
I'm thinking 10-12 in various sizes (hurry & help me before Joel changes his mind on letting me hang that many!)

From this Day Forward,
Mac-cries at everything (out of happiness, mostly!)

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