Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Too pregnant brained to write SO enjoy some pictures from the past few weeks.

a view of my own.

didn't want to get dressed day so my sister came over and MADE me get dressed.
OWL cupcakes...YUMMY!
Handmade Owl stuffed animals (there are 6 and they are so going in Aiden's room)

Creepy Cat Lady Photos:

coco takes over everything, but gosh she is cute.
How much is that kitty in the window?
"Leave me alone, I'm sleeping!"

p.s. .  I don't like cats, but I ♥ this cat. don't judge me.
p.p.s. Before, During, & After pictures of baby Aiden's room coming soon! (pinkie promise, sealed with a kiss!!!)

From this Day Forward,
MacraZie for my cat child

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