Thursday, June 16, 2011

Steppin' Out #4- Baby Shower

Saturday was the last of MANY baby showers. WE are extremely lucky to have such UH-mazing family, friends, co-workers, gymnasts & parents that have definitely helped us with the necessities (& not necessary, but OH-SO-CUTE) baby items.  I had a great time at my 'family' baby shower hosted by my Momma, Aunt Monica, and Nina.  The decorations were amazing (see pics below), the food was delicious, & the conversations entertaining. 

My momma made the invitations, many decorations, & plenty of baby blankets/owls/etc. for Baby Aiden. She seriously needs to go into business!

My husband, father-in-law, uncles, & cousins stopped by for the after hours party (we stayed out until midnight) and my families got to spend some quality time together watching baseball, eating more food & reminiscing.  It was another great day spent with the ones we love, & another great distraction for the final few weeks before Baby Aiden.

The Baby shower...


My 'old' gymnastics coach is also pregnant.We are due just days apart! We've been texting and chatting over the months-discussing our pregnancy complaints!  It was great to see her and her baby bump (Baby Sophie).
G-diapers (so adorable.) can't wait to put Aiden's booty in those! 
The outfit on the far Right was my husbands! 
Beautiful flowers. 
Cute owls everywhere!

My too grown-up baby sister. She can't wait to be an auntie 

This is what happens late at night.  My super crafty momma, my super pregnant self, & My super party-planner/chef Aunt Monica!  Thank you again for a great shower.

a squirrel tried to crash the party.
"Take more pictures!"
Funny games.
crashing cousins

I just love my husband.

From this day forward,
Mac-is-ready for this baby!

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