Friday, June 10, 2011

36 weeks

I have yet to be hit with the nesting bug...does this mean I still have weeks left before the arrival of baby Aiden? Or is it just that I'm not a cleaner?  I think (hope) the second is more accurate.  BUT let me clarify, my house is not messy, not even dirty really.  When I first lived on my own, I would just fill the tub slightly & dump bleach into it and let it sit for 20 minutes. I'd do the same thing to the toilets and sinks.  I hated doing it because within a few hours I would feel nauseous for the rest of the day, sometimes even into the next day.

Over that past few years, my husband and I have slowly become more aware of non-toxic living.  We've cut out laundry detergent that was giving us both the itchies, cleaning supplies that would bring on an asthma attack, even most processed foods, poisonous Cat flea medication.  And instead have started using detergent without any chemicals (works just as well, and our clothes are just as soft), we clean most everything with white vinegar, baking soda and most recently lemon juice (it acts like a bleach, but smells nice!), we cleaned our freezers of Hot Pockets (sad face) and non-organic meats, and we use an all-natural, essential oil-based flea medication for our cat (this smells pretty strong, but like peppermint and eucalyptus, rather than ick). 

We are still guilty of drinking bottled water (we buy a gallon jug and keep it in our fridge) because our tap water isn't drinkable, we still like love McDonald's sweet tea and chicken sandwiches, we on occasion still use the lotions and soaps that are full of chemicals (but smell sooo good).  But our main goal is to use/ingest all of these things in moderation, to set an example for our son and show him that natural (less toxic) living is easy and healthier to do!

With that said...36 weeks has been...

getting up from any sitting or lying position is awkward.
belly bumping into everything from my counters to strangers is AWK.
burping without warning, anywhere is funny, but Awkward.
my belly button is super sticking out now and everyone wants to poke it- AWKWARD!

sleeping- HAHAHA, what's that?  it's all about that 30 minute nap in corners of comfy couches.
waking up at 4:30 AM, slightly hungry, mostly annoyed.
even my coveted yoga ball isn't as comfortable as before.
bras. underwear.  clothes in general.

Baby's room is pretty much ready.
Hospital bag is ready to be packed (clothes and whatnot picked out, but not physically in a bag yet!)
Spending these last few weeks celebrating with family & friends.
that is hasn't been extremely HOT (i'm still awkwardly hot & sweaty, but i know how much hotter and sweatier i could be!)

I'm guessing (hoping) I will have this baby by next Friday. Saturday or Monday. (Sundays are no good for me because I enjoy doing nothing, and labor and delivery doesn't sound like a super Sunday to me. **wink wink**)

From this day forward,
Mac-donald's sweet tea fanatic (for only $1, you can't go wrong!)

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