Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby's room

Semi-before pictures...
Semi-after pictures. 
we still want to add small details here and there...
like a crib mattress (we have one picked out-all organic and natural materials!).
still looking for a Mobile.
thinking about a shelf for over the changing table.
want to get a new lamp/ hanging Chinese lanterns.
need a small table for next to the glider.
& we need a baby to put in the room.

I'm a book worm. Aiden will be one also.

the corner with the ugly light, is going to have hanging Chinese lanterns.

& just because everything looks cooler in vignette...some more photos of the room!
Window Covering

Live. Family. Laugh.

Books, Toys & Storage

Cracks me up, Yoda does.

Rocking corner: needs a table & a better light

Our eclectic wall of Asian-ness, baseball, owls & stuff.

that is not a mobile in our crib- right now the crib is storage space!

I think that blob covering Buddha's face is our turtle! haha.

Those T-shirts were ours as lil' babes.
 left was mine.
 right was Joel's.
both are now Aiden's.

Special Thanks to Jack for helping us build & hang things.  
A THANK YOU/I LOVE YOU to my Momma for washing all the baby clothes & Gdiapers, for helping me organize the closet & changing table, & for just being super helpful these past few weeks!  

we also (finally) hung some photos in our 'hallway'

Also, a really BIG high five to my awesome husband for creating the best wall collages & baby's room ever.  we make a pretty good team & i had some major fun with you last night (& my whole life).

From this day forward,

p.s. My work friends threw me the quaintest baby shower this was full of stuffed strawberries, feta pastries, milk chuggin, & lots of great conversation and laughs.  Thank you Jordan and Becky!

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