Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aiden: 8 weeks old


             days from last period.

counting lines on pregnancy test (2 means yes, yes you are preggo-even if the second line is faint)

counting meals kept down (bean and cheese burritos for weeks)

counting weeks, counting trimesters

counting pounds- first lost (14) then gained (29)

counting flickering heart beats on the ultrasound screen (only 1, phew!)

counting belly inches and stretch marks (didn't get any! thank goodness)

counting weeks and weeks and  weeks- the third trimester NEVER ends (okay, it does end eventually)

counting time between contractions, counting length and pain of contractions

counting hours of labor

counting deep, slow breathing before pushing for a count of (try to make it to) ten

counting hours of pushing (three)

counting fingers, counting toes (ten of each!)

counting eyes and nose and every inch of your perfect body

counting diapers

counting hours missed of sleep

counting inches, counting pounds

counting smiles, giggles, sounds

counting days, counting weeks...

eight. I can't believe my son is 8 weeks (his two months is on the 6th-how confusing, right?) but anyways this month has a few new accomplishments for momma and mister:

he loves to play the piano...with his feet!

cloth diapering, real cloth diapering.  yup, we finally did it, we used the Gcloth inserts and we even had a poopie diaper and it's not so bad. I only use the cloth when i'm at my parent's house because they have a washer and dryer handy. (i do spend 90% of the week at their house anyway...) 'schedule'.  we have a schedule, kind of. 4 AM wake up, feed for an hour try to put baby to sleep for a half hour, cat wakes baby up, mommy yells at daddy to get up, daddy lays and plays with baby until they both fall asleep while mommy sneaks into the other room and sleeps for 2 hours! the rest of the day is pretty much this: eat, play, sleep, play, cry, eat, play, sleep, play, cry, is working and he tends to 'nap' around the same times every day and goes to bed roughly around 10:30 and 11:30.  'work'.  i've peaked into my work a few times. once to judge my compulsory girls in a practice meet and another to make some more lesson plans for the extra few weeks i will be off. (boobie consult is next thursday). i plan on returning to work as soon as we have my problem under control, but it looks like at least another 3 weeks off for me. (simultaneous sad face & huge smile)

 I have been looking at pictures from when he was born. my son was a chubster at birth, he looks like a completely different baby. check out his chubby cheeks and arms...even his fingers are chubby!

 it is so crazy how much he has changed and grown in this short amount of time- i can't believe how much we have been through. i don't want time to pass so quickly (even though i dream of the future days when Aiden will sleep for 10-12 hours a

we've gotten better at the things we've been doing for a while- smiles and giggles are louder and more frequent, playmat and tummy time are longer and rowdier, breastfeeding is slowly taking over most of his feedings (he had a bottle for the first time today in 5 days!), crying has even gotten better (ugh!)

Enjoy some pictures from our week:

uncle buster keeping an eye on AJcoco copying AJ..? random baby parts

random baby parts in tube socks

nap nap time

look how much he's changed:

3 days, a few weeks, 8 weeksi guess we should add swaddling to the list of things we've improved at also!

From this day forward,


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