Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aiden: 6 weeks old

Tummy time with Daddy
Aiden is 6 weeks old-these means a variety of things for our little family- but the main one being that this little mama is supposed to return to work soon...oh, how i am torn.  I know that i am going to take at least 1 extra week off (due to his time in the hospital for jaundice and all the doctor's appointments).  those first 2 weeks were extremely hard on us and i still feel like we are 'behind' in the mama/son routine. 

mama update:
I have had 2 bouts of mastitis- My doctor thinks i may have a lingering infection and as of Monday, put me back on antibiotics. *sad face* my right breast is the one that is suffering and it is noticeably larger than my left. None of my bras fit me, so most of the time i go bra-less or wear a bandeau.  My nana is taking me bra shopping Friday!!! woot woot.

baby update:
Aiden is a slowwwww and weak eater at the breast & this was very apparent when he weighed in at under his birth weight! this news was & wasn't shocking. was because i so want to be able to provide him with the nutrients and quantity that he needs via breastfeeding & i felt confident in my abilities. and wasn't because his little gdiapers have been sagging a little.  so he's been on a supplemental (formula and expressed breast milk) diet. he is definitely putting on some weight and is becoming a little chubster.

breastfeeding update:
i am NOT giving up. it doesn't mean i don't WANT to give up (at times) but i know the benefits of breastfeeding and just from giving him the bottle these past 3 days, i miss our nursing sessions. i miss his little body pressed against mine. i miss his arm wrapped around my side and his little eyes looking up at me.  So, i ordered a supplemental nursing system and it will be here tomorrow! i'm excited to try it out and will keep you updated on how it works & if baby and me becoming a breastfeeding team again!

6 weeks have included...
  • date night
    • my awesome mama babysat last saturday & the hubs & i went on a sushi date. we shared a large Asahi, a small bottle of sake & lots of giggles & hand-holding.
  • T.V. 
    • scene: crying, inconsolable baby. mama swaddles, shushes, holds baby on his side. baby still crying. mama walks near the T.V. (Angel game none-the-less) baby stops crying & watches the game. true story.  My son obviously knows  what's up.  the angles lost, aiden fell asleep.
  • bottles
    • i like my como tomo bottle. it is really a neat little bottle, but it is also leftie & rightie's enemy.  he loves his bottle-quick and easy food from yaya, auntie madi, daddy. he hate my boobies at the moment- screaming and whimpering when i put him to the breast (except in the middle of the night, he'll gladly suckle and cuddle with his mama)
  • baby wearing & breast pumping dinner
    • tonight my husband brought home some mexican food. YUM! tonight, he wore the little mister. I pumped for the little mister. this was all while we ate our dinner. true family dinner at it's finest.  

twins. & my messy looking apartment.

From this day forward,
mac-promises we're not slobs.

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