Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aiden: 5 week update (Picture heavy)

Remember last week how we discovered swaddling is a must? Well, this week we discovered that swaddling with Aden and Anais swaddling blankets is a really big must, especially for summer.
5 weeks

Okay 5 weeks has been full of...

  • A little more sleep  (thanks to our new swaddling blankets)
  • A little bit more fun
    • Aiden is making more noises and interacting with hilarious facial expressions and sounds
  • Some dancing (ok, a lot of dancing) 
    • this momma is stir crazy and this baby can shake his little tush-ka (ok, with some help, but I can tell, he's got some moves) 
  • Adventures
    • I've figured out how to use my stroller (huge feat. this is one fancy/heavy stroller.
    • I wore baby at trader joes. Yes, grocery shopping with the baby and no husband (just a sissy and one of her friends. that is almost solo, the girls are only 15).
  •  PICTURES...
doggie uncles

mommy trying to get cute for some photos

mommy giving up on being cute and enjoying a little beer (yes, i am nursing! beer is good for the milk!!!)

another attempt at getting cute. p.s. does my son ever wear clothes???

at leaast SOMEONE is sleeping around here. 

there has been more of this lately too, but i love it because he looks just like his daddy.

catching his sun for the day in his 'Nordstroms' stroller.

again, at least SOMEONE is sleeping.

check out those guns.

i could eat those feet all day long (and i do!)

he didn't like his neck pillow. true story. as soon as i moved it, he slept.

see? sleeping baby and sleeping uncle dog

his new babysitter, Clyde.

i was having too much fun with my vignette phone app....

uncle clyde= Aiden's horse.


Joel got him to laugh! it was awesome. i cried.

mommy's first glass of alcoholic wine since getting pregnant/having baby.

new swaddler (no this is not how i swaddle him). I love your face in this picture, son.

From this day forward,
Macrae's gotta go bc baby is a cryin'

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