Friday, March 25, 2011

My Belly is a Stranger

23 weeks.

It never fails.
I walk past a mirror or into a counter or I drop something...AND my belly is unrecognizable or in the way.

Sometimes I giggle (because it is hilarious looking).
Sometimes I cry (because it is HUGE and strange looking).
Sometimes I smile (because it's baby Aiden in there).
Rarely I forget about my new, strange belly.

I just love my husband because...
The other day he came home from work early with a migraine, and as I was helping into the bath, he says, with the saddest face,  
How am I supposed to take care of Aiden if I can't even get in the bath by myself?
He made me laugh out loud (and I felt bad because he was in a lot of pain), but he was just so cute and just so serious.  It also made me think about all the times I've thought the exact same thing:
  • While throwing up uncontrollably for 5 months.
  • When I was so exhausted (from barfing), that I could barely shower standing up.
  • When my house stayed a complete disaster for weeks.
  • When my husband had to cook meals for himself! (enter slight sarcasm here)
Well, I worked my magic- made him drink garlic soup, orange juice, green tea with ginger, and a vodka and water (the alcohol opens his blood vessels or something like that). And he started feeling better, but I made him go to bed.

I showered, laughed at my bare belly when I got out, and got kicked in the ribs several times from Baby Aiden.

I  just love my husband.
I just love my strange belly.
and I just love my first human child that likes to do somersaults at 4 AM.

From this day forward,


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