Wednesday, May 18, 2011

33 weeks.

33 weeks equals...

  • 7 more weeks to go (potentially more, hopefully less).
  • heartburn from just smelling spicy foods (that I want to eat...but have had a little self control)
  •  i want sushi. the RAW kind- sashimi.
  • i want a bottle of red, red, wiiiine (insert completely off-pitch, squeaky singing voice here) all to myself.
  • if wine is not available, i'll take a beer please.
  • we must assemble the crib and start organizing the nursery (it will help me sleep better...hahaha (insert evil laugh here))
  • my tummy is huge, LIKE, I didn't think it would get THIS big huge. (and i have 7 more weeks of growing to do!)
  • i have forgotten what sleeping longer than an hour and half feels like.
  • my tanks and tees are now Homer Simpson status (even the ones i just bought!)
From this day forward,
Macrae is too tired to think of a quirky name.

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