Thursday, September 15, 2011

We love our gdiapers

5 days until my 26th birthday!!!
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A friend of mine just announced that she is pregnant! (Hoorayyyy for another little one) & she asked me about Gdiapers-the pros & cons, why i love them, what i don't like about them- & it made me want to share it with all of you potential or already mommies out there in the blog world.

  • they are adorable-as you know from my blog, my son rocks the just in his G's look constantly (it is summer...but have no fear, for winter he will rock his G's with leggings)
  • no diaper rash ever!
  • easy- seriously when you pre-load the diapers they are just like sposies. My husband even says they are super easy to use
  • good for the environment- cloth cuts out waste & the biodegradable/flushable inserts break down in days (compared to the 500 years it will take for a disposable). My husband and i have recently begun to flush the inserts and it is SO easy.
  • comfortable- the outsides are so soft and cozy. I have never tried other cloth options, but i hear these are way less bulky than the other ones.
  • great Resale & trade forums. other Gparents sell & trade their diapers for a fraction of the regular cost.
  • They can be used for additional children (So hoping for a girl next time bc the girl patterns and colors are super sweet).
  • velcro is in the back (which is supposed to help when the little mister goes through the "must-be-naked" stage).
  • Start up price- they are a bit expensive to start out, BUT if you choose to use cloth (some or most of the time) it saves you a ton of money compared to buying disposables all the time. has a good deal for the biodegradable inserts- you can sign up for a loyalty program and enter the code takefiver & for life you get a discount when you order the case ($47 for 160 inserts)
  • For the most part you have to order them on-line. some Babies 'R' us stores carry them, Mother's market, and Wholefoods are beginning to carry the inserts. 
  • A few of the diapers have faded, not badly but noticeably. 
  • the velcro is in the back (i know i listed this as a pro)-it is a little bit awkward with a squirmy child to get the velcro secured, but i imagine the same goes with disposables...i wouldn't know though bc we have been using Gdiapers since day 1.
What I love about them
  • I feel good about using them.  I try to live a 'green' life in other areas of my life, so why not in this way too.  I mean, 500 years!!  We were fortunate enough to have received our start up kit/baby bundle as a baby shower gift & other diapers from my mother & boss, and some biodegradable inserts from friends because it started our little collection!
  • The color & style options.  I know this is silly, but it makes changing poop-filled diapers kind of fun! there are so many fun colors and adorable patterns to choose from! & they come up with new designs with each season.
if you use gdiapers or cloth diapers, what are some tips and helpful hints for other parents interested in cloth or hybrid diapering???

From this day forward,

*  I wrote this review bc i love using Gdiapers and wanted to share with other mama's interested in G's/cloth diapering. Gdiapers did not pay me to write this review and all opinions expressed here are my own.

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