Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Aiden: 14 Weeks

14 weeks. 

Do you see his RED-ish hair?

We had his 3 month well baby check-up yesterday.
Baby A's stats are:
  • 25 & 1/2 inches tall (2 inches more than he was at his 2 month!)
  • 10  lbs. 12 ounces. (only 8 ounces more then he was at his 2 month!)
  • teething has officially started. (bottom two make some appearances every now and then).
  • cried for exactly 3.34 seconds after getting his one and only vaccine of the appointment. (Yes, I am following a modified vaccination schedule. Very spread out and only the 'MUST HAVE'  ((and I'm not even sure if I believe 100% that they are a must have)) vaccines. Also I'm not sure double parenthesis is what you are supposed to do when you had a side note in a side note...?)
  • Stood up on the neck strength test.
    • In an Argentine accent, "What are you doing there, mister? you aren't supposed to stand at your age, sit back down." IHeartOurPediatrican.
    • because he stood all the way up she isn't as worried about his SUPER. duper. slow. weight gain.
    • Another awesome quote in an Argentine accent, "I'm glad you brought your husband last time," (to the baby) "I see daddy's legs and I know why you are so skinny."  
  • This is more of a highlight then a stat: Aiden makes friends everywhere he goes. People LOVE babies. and this baby will smile and coo for just about any brunette or elderly person!

Our morning ritual-secret sharing time.

I'm onto my first full week of work. I'm glad I decided to work only 5 days instead of my usual 6 because I am so relieved that tomorrow is my day off. This mama is tired. My eyes, brain and mouth aren't quite working with the same precision as pre-pregnancy.  Coaching gymnastics is about seeing the tiniest error and being able to articulate a correction in terms that either a teenage girl, a middle-school girl, or a kindergartner would understand. And my coach brain isn't fully back to it's pre-pregnancy weight.  Ha!

I hope my choreography brain can sync up with my body because it's time for new floor & beam routines.  Love&Hate this time of year.  I love it because I get to create and move and have some one-on-one time with each of my athletes. I hate it because it is exhausting and sweaty and hard work creating routines that are unique and that my gymnast will enjoy competing. I love it because it's a great workout. I hate it because it's a workout (Stop being so lazy Macrae!!!).

What are some fun/different ways you work out? I need some ideas that don't involve a treadmill or the stair-master.

From this day forward,

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