Saturday, November 19, 2011

baby keeps you busy.

Having a baby is amazing.  Having a baby is difficult (literally-labor was hard work!). Taking care of a baby constantly is rewarding in so many ways, but it is also so exhausting at times.  I fully understand why anyone with at least one child tells you to 'wait'. I am now one of those people telling my newly-wed friends to wait.

I love my littler mister so much that I don't know how my heart handles it.  I am obsessed with all things even a tiny bit related to baby A- "aww look at that bald old man...he looks just like AJ".  BUT I would be lying if I said I didn't think of the times pre-baby.  The coffee runs that didn't require me to lug around a 20 LB carseat (thank you starbucks drive thru!). The late nights of watching romantic comedies with hubster.  The wine and pizza nights with friends.  writing, like real creative-not baby related-writing. 

AND this is why I have decided to give myself 1-4 hours a week that isn't baby time.  My hubby has softball on Tuesdays & training 1-2 times a week & vacuuming 1-4 times a week (LOL & true story).  I think this time for my husband is great because it helps him keep his sanity. 

I think doing something even for 1 hour a week without obligation to another living, wonderfully amazing & adorable being would do wonders for my identity.  Yes, my identity...somehow in all of this madness and wonderfulness called marriage & mommyhood, I've lost a little bit of my creativity.  I love this blog because I get to mix my domestic life with something I've loved doing for so many years & I am chronicling memories that I will have for an endless amount of time.


I am going to give myself the time to write stories. poems. Whatever I feel compelled to write.  I keep thinking of ideas (and finally writing them down so I can remember them).  I want to take these ideas and do something with them. I might even post them here...

From this day forward,
Mac is back.

p.s. feel free to remind me to write. or pester me. or DEMAND me to create a story for you to read/edit!!! (yes, 3 exclamation points means business).

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