Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a mother's cure

a PEDI-cure.
  Had the day off work, still had a babysitter for baby A (YaYa), took advantage of a few hours and went to a nail salon with my sister!

Matching toes/paws
  Ok, this might sound odd, BUT it wasn't all that I remembered.  The chemically smells gave me a headache, the screaming children (yes, in a nail salon!) kind of ruined the mood, and making small talk with a stranger was just not what i wanted to do. Never-the-less, my feet feel pretty, which means I feel pretty and i did have some fun with my little (not so little) Sis.  Thank you YaYa for hanging with the babes while i got my feet tickled and my toes painted purple!

Is there something you loved to do pre-baby, but now post-baby it isn't as awesome? or is there something that is STILL super great that you wish you had more time for? 

From this day forward,

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