Friday, April 15, 2011

"As I lay me down to sleep"...Who am I kidding, I DON'T (can't) sleep

While I toss and turn, these two sleep peacefully through me taking a picture of them with a FLASH on!

Can't fall asleep because of heartburn.
Can't sleep longer than 2 hours at a time due to having to potty (then I get thirsty so I drink more!)
Can't get comfortable because my legs hurt and spasm at night
Can't sleep in because my hips ache from sleeping on my sides.


Can drink lots of milkshakes (banana is my favorite...double plus is milk helps with my heartburn and bananas help with my leg cramping issues)
Can drink lots of homemade flavored water (I like cucumber, lemon and rosemary's like a spa day!)
Can read as many books, blogs, novels as a I want because I stay up so late.
Can wake up early with my favorite husband and make yummy breakfasts.

Do you like how I'm trying to be positive in the wake (no pun intended) of the third trimester insomnia?

From this day forward,
Shleepy Mac


~d said...

after you have Aidan you'll have a whole new list of can' can't stand up without peeing a little and can't be around a crying baby without lactating and can't remember what day it is :) Good luck with all that!

kim Jacob said...

sleep with a pillow between your legs at night, it will help with the hip pain........

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