Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend in McFarland ...

Was full of family, fun, LOTS of GOOD food, massages, movies...
This look is almost exact to Joel's 'baby' look.

My husband modeling his baby clothes and baby poses. (I just love my husband!)

Won't these baby blue and white striped baby leg warmers look adorable with Joel's (Aiden's) outfit?
Yes, I do think so.

 Inappropriately large sundaes...

That we finished! so, SO delicious!

My favorite Easter tradition...decorating the cross.

The weekends always go TOO fast, especially the ones spent with my Momma and Poppa Wenger, Auntie Julie, and the other 'grandparents' of McFarland. 

From this day forward,
Macrae (Sutherland) WENGER

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