Wednesday, May 4, 2011

31 weeks

I just re-read my non-fiction piece 23 and wanted to add to it, kind of...

You are 31 weeks pregnant.  You will visit the doctor every 2-3 weeks.  You don't mind because you get to listen to baby Aiden's heart beat and see his every growing self on the monitor.  You will be slightly disappointed when she doesn't print you 8 more ultrasound pictures to add to your collection of thirty, but she makes up for this by pointing to the screen and saying,
"Yep, there's still a scrotum.  Still a boy."
You will pee on your hand when they want you to pee in a cup because you cannot see anything past your belly.

You will feel like you are a cow when you step on the scale and the nurse says,
"You are still 4 pounds over the weight you should be."  
You will feel guilty for lying about doing the count kick card every night (you do track it most some nights!).
You will leave the doctor's office and sneeze/pee in the elevator, but you laugh because that's what your husband would do while cheering,
"Ya, buddy!"

From this day forward,
Mac-cow (haha, JK)

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