Monday, May 2, 2011

Staying busy...


Early Mother's Day!

Opening Day!

I never thought time could move so quickly. The 'icky nauseous all day, every day' feelings finally went away. The 'I feel great and cute with my bump, let's go on lots of adventure days' have passed.  And even though I'm in the 'can't sleep, totally uncomfortable in anything but my birthday suit, waddling, achy hip, feeling all kinds of huge' months- My days still end too quickly (especially Sundays).  

I've been getting creative with my outfits...(same dress, different belt or sweater!) Or I just wear whatever isn't huge on me from my husband's closet.

Sweet gesture of the week:  One of my old gymnasts (now a co-worker) and her fiance got me some super adorable and comfy maternity clothes because they heard me complaining about how I feel like Homer Simpson in all my shirts!  These two are so thoughtful and sweet.  I am so excited for them on their upcoming marriage.  (Will post pictures soon of the super cute outfits!)

From this day forward,


SammiMac said...

Ok how are you making these scarpbook type layouts for your photos? Please tell!

Macrae said...


It's a program on my computer called picasa. You can make collages on it. Handy dandy!


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