Tuesday, September 20, 2011


this is your life.

you are 26.  you are officially a wife & mother. your littler mister is 3 months old. you have a hard time thinking/talking about anything that isn't baby related (but you TRY).  you buy clothes that are 'breastfeeding friendly'. you now have a new outlook on bodily leakage (gross, but true). your best friend is no longer that little black & white furball. 
you find yourself staring at this little man & you feel heart-tingles.

you are sleep deprived. sometimes you feel fun-deprived, but most of the time you feel lucky. you crave shower time.  you crave venti iced-coffees, but you order tall decaf, iced coffees.  you try to remember to write down that story/poem idea you had in the shower.  you try to write that story/poem when you get a free minute- you won't find these minutes often, but you TRY.
you feel almost 'normal'.
you go out for your birthday. you have a wonderful, like old times night out.  you want to stay out longer.  you go home at 10:30.  you feel exhausted.  the next day makes you feel old. 
"you aren't old, you are 26," you say to yourself the next morning. "you still have four years til thirty."
you have nightmares about turning 30, not because you will be thirty, but because your son will be four.

he already has chest hair! stop growing up, stop it right now!

From this day forward,
i am one year closer to 30.

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