Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aiden: 11 weeks

11 weeks.  
rolls over regularly.  squeezing into size NB-3 Month onesies. scrawny in 3-6 month outfits. totally hipster in his cardigan sweaters. totally karate kid in his Gi pants & kimono onesies. most definitely the ladies man in his collared onesies & sweater vests.  super amazeballs -yes, i like Giulana & Bill-it's what i have DVR'd for my 3:30 AM feedings!- with his hairdo. (See picture below)

completely bald in the front-friar style and completely bald on the back of the head!

p.s. gotta love that t 'adult' outfits suddenly  become adorable when in onesie form

likes his bumbo for up to 10 minutes (still is a little small for it).  
loves football. hates commercials.
likes to sit on your lap facing out.  
hates the ring sling (i'm so upset about this! but maybe when he is older).  still loves the sleepy wrap.

loves to breastfeed (yup, that's right we have officially started to breastfeed 98% of the time!-he gets an IV with daddy & yaya so mommy can have a nap or break here and there).  

hates to be 'alone'- if he can't see me (someone), he cries. (this includes in the car).  
loves to be held & cuddled.
hates poopy diapers/changes.   
loves shower/bath time with daddy.
likes/dislikes drying off/lotioning up/PJ time with mama.  
loves to eat when the adults eat. (i swear, it's like he smells our food and thinks to himself, Yes, time to eat!).

loves cloth inserts (if you know where i can buy some pre-folds or G-cloths for cheap please lemme know!-we are sizing up and need more!)

just watching Servite beat La Habra HS

From this day forward,

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