Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aiden: 9 weeks

stylish, eh?

Muscle man poses at 9 weeks!

Please excuse my sons outfit. we were playing dress up! lol. I thought last week would be the last 'weekly' update post, but i'm thinking i will go until i don't want to do them anymore. but fear not, i will then switch to monthly posts!

9 weeks is exciting because...
  • Aiden rolled over during tummy time a few days ago. He was determined. first he lifted his head and both of his feet. then he tilted his head and leaned and leaned and...ROLLED OVER! then he cried.
  • He got his first vaccination. this is not exciting actually, he was a champ when he got it, but he was crankyspanky crybaby for a few days. 
  •  he stays awake for longer periods of time during the day (and night ::sigh::) this is pretty cool because we have long conversations about his favorite books, baseball, and how much he loves his mommy- he tells me everyday that he loves me the mostest! 
  • we ventured on a family outting. we brought auntie madi, yaya, Pa, daddy, uncle JJ, Auntie ballerina (until we think of a name!) and Dean to the International Street Fair.  it was overwhelming but fun. we even breastfed while walking around (so not that easy with such crowded streets, but doable) glad we did it, but was even more glad to get home afterwards.
  • he now grabs and hits things. see pictures below.
pulling my hair=he likes me a lot.

this occupies him for 15-20 minutes!

please ignore my double chin.

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