Thursday, September 8, 2011

breast adventures

i had my breast appointment today...

"this is vanilla ice-cream" -big black doctor man

this is what the doc pulled out of one of the mystery lumps in my breast! i had a few other lumps that he also pulled this old, thick 'cream' (as big black doctor man kept calling it).  i am happy to report that my right breast is slowly returning to a more normal shape and that it no longer have a 7-8 cm mass weighing it down.  (yes, it was a HUGE lump). there is still some swelling and the doctor wants me to take a few days off of the pump (will do) and nursing (won't do bc i do NOT want another clogged duct-mastitis twice-huge mass-son won't latch on).

i am NOT giving up.

From this day forward,

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