Tuesday, September 13, 2011

& my birthday week begins...7 days until 26!

playing Noah's arc

hanging out

coco on the preggo pillow

Today is the first day of birthday songs (i get one whole week of singing-let's see if the hubby remembers). 

I can't believe that September is almost 1/2 way over.  My return to work is near! I went to the gym last Wednesday to help coach our pre-team for an hour because we got a new/old coach (he used to coach and is finally back after several years, YAY!!!) & he didn't want to coach the group the first day without being introduced.  I had a great time coaching.  It was hot & sticky in the gym, and i was exhausted after only 1 hour but it was fun to be back. 

I have no idea how i am going to last working 5-6 hour shifts...but i will. I don't know how Aiden will survive being without me, but he will.  And i really don't know how his yaya, auntie madi, & cousin Bri are going to survive watching him, but they will (i hope).

How did you handle going back to work? or leaving your little one with a sitter for a 4+ hour stretch? 

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