Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Faces 9.30.2011

Hooray for Friday!

My name is A-Dub and I make my Daddy's facial expressions everyday-see the look in picture #2.  that is most definitely a Joel face.  However, my smile is my very own & I know it brightens my parent's day.  I am lucky to have such awesome parents that change my non-stop poopie diapers & have patience with me especially from the hours 2:30-5:00 AM.

I am learning to talk & sing.  This morning, when my Daddy asked me, "What's your name, cutie?", I answered him.  Momma and Daddy were both surprised at what I said, so they asked again, but I was over answering their questions and wanted to have some Daddy and me time so momma could sleep.

For some reason, I'm beginning to like tummy-time a whole lot more and I can stand it for up to 20 minutes before I roll over or cry ask for momma to pick me up.

I hope you enjoy some of my Friday faces!

*true story. It sounded like he said "Aiden" when Joel asked him what his name was!

Happy weekend everyone,
Baby A

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