Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aiden: 12 weeks

Please excuse the bad photography...(I had the camera set to some funky ISO & it completely washed out these photos). ::sad face:: they had great potential though.  I took a few on my camera phone and those came out alright.

 Baby at 12 weeks
  • AJ has been mister cranky pants. I swear it's teeth, but most are skeptical. 
  • He still rocks the blue-eyed look most days (some days I see green).
  • Breastfeeding champ. wants to eat constantly after 5 PM (this might be an issue considering I return to work on Monday-enter super sad face here).
  • Naps in bassinet or playpen for up to 45 minutes! Hey, it's a start.
  • Sucks on his hands- he can practically fit his fist into his mouth!
  • Sucks on his toes- with a little help...
  • Talks in full sentences, "iiii ooooooo aaa!" & "ahhh uuuu oooh" lol. One time I heard him say, "Mommy is the best."
Mommy at 12 weeks
  • Still recovering from my breast issues, but doing SO much better.  I go back in a few weeks for another giant-needle  aspiration.
  • Go back to work on Monday. nervous/excited/sad.
  • Finding outfits that are more breastfeeding appropriate.  Finding out that I can't use dresses I already own for wedding because my chest is HUGE. 
  • Finding that I have more energy-maybe I'm adapting to the young baby schedule, maybe I'm actually getting more rest.
Okay, enjoy my badly edited photos:
see his teeth? JK, the one tooth I think I see is on the bottom gum.

baby blue-eyes

melts my heart.

had a melt down 2 minutes after this photo.
camera phone.

thinking about throwing a fit.

tummy time!

fitting that fist into his mouth...

From this day forward,

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