Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i made him too!

Any of this sounds familiar, "He has your eyes" or "He totally looks like mommy" Or "She is definitely a Smith"...? 

Well, in my case it's, "He looks just like Joel," "Did you even help make this baby?" Or "Those genes sure are strong"...So I decided to show you that he looks like me.

Please see picture below:

 "the resemblance is uncanny"
& can you believe we found the SAME dress for Little AJ to wear? we had to make a new bow because the original got lost...

ok, OK, you caught me.this is just a picture of me twice--one is a wee-lil-tiny-bit photoshopped.

But, let's get serious-I made him too!!! 
I believe I carried Little Mister for 9 months.  I believe I also pushed this 9 pound, 5 ounce baby that is supposedly the size of large watermelon out of my lady parts. So, please give me a little credit. Even if it is just a small thing. 

Do it.


Crae-Baby                                                                                             Baby-Crae...?

So what do you think he has of mine? Personally, I see a similar headshape and lips. What did your child inherit from you?....or your husband? 

From this day forward,
Aiden's twinsie

p.s. see proof of my watermelon-sized baby here
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