Sunday, October 23, 2011

Family Day.

We heart mother's
Father and Son in the Sun
We started our Sunday by sleeping in (9:45 AM!) then we hung out & watched the Chargers game while getting ready for our family day! Hubby and I couldn't decide on where we wanted to go, so we just got in the car and drove around for a while. 

We tried looking for a pumpkin patch but all we could find were pumpkin themed carnivals!? & what is up with the sinking Titanic ship blow up/bounce house/slide thing? That definitely doesn't seem inviting- Hey kids, come play on a sinking ship where hundreds of people died in the freezing cold water...

Anyways, we ended up at one of our favorite groceries stores, Mother's Market, for lunch. They have a great deli, salad bar and juice bar.  We shared a salad, some hummus & a juice.  AJ was an angel while we sat outside and enjoyed the sunny but cool weather.  After a diaper change in the trunk, we went for a little adventure to a hidden trail and shaded park. 

I love spending time with my men! It was a great family bonding day & we got some cute photos of us dressed up! (totally, not planned at all... ::wink wink::). It was one of those days where I totally felt...normal.  Having a baby is becoming normal, I can do normal adult things...I don't want baby A to grow up into a crawling/walking toddler!

My favorite picture of all time.

He loved the fountain.
 How do you like to spend you Sundays? What are some fun things you enjoy doing with your family?  Am I crazy for wanting a good Ol' fashioned pumpkin patch WITHOUT rides and petting Zoos?

From this day forward,
The Wenger Family

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