Monday, November 7, 2011

10 Baby A updates

  1.  He's still the cutest little mister in my house.
  2.  He's graduated to Medium Gdiapers! (which probably means he's gained some weight, double yay!)
  3. He's a roller and a scootch-er (is that even a word)
  4. He can grab and hold his toys.
  5. Everything you hand him ends up in his mouth. (and so do his hands, our fingers, my hair...)
  6. He didn't enjoy his first Halloween-we never made it out the door to visit the neighbors (but that's ok, we cuddled and watched football!)
  7. He witnessed his first Servite VS. Mater Dei game at Angel's stadium (and servite won!)
  8. At first rival game, Baby A got to sit next to an ORIGINAL Servite football team member! 
  9. Coco and Baby A are becoming friends-she even lets him grab pet her!
  10. He laughs now and it rocks!

Fire it up Friars!

He was listening to the game while he rested his eyes.

From this day forward,
Mac-lagging on her blog posts

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