Tuesday, November 8, 2011

(some of) Baby A's Babysitters

Sammy (Aunite Madi's friends) helps out on Tuesdays!

Jeff-Helped out on a Wednesday! (didn't change a diaper tho!) lol.

Littler mister is lucky to have so many loving, caring, & patient people that are willing to give Joel & I a hand!  Without their help, Baby A would be stuck hanging out with Coco and the killer turtler, Mr. dum-dum (did i mention that our turtle KILLED all of our fish?!). and JK about leaving my son alone.  Currently Yaya is the sitter on Monday & Tuesdays (and other random days), but we are so blessed to have people from my work and Auntie's friends to help us hang out with baby A.  

SO thank you thank you THANK YOU!  He loves and cherishes the time he gets with each of you. (& I couldn't do my coaching job without their help.) 

From this day forward,
I heart my Friends and family.

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