Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shopping day with Nana

This woman knows how to shop (even if it's just window shopping. I have so many memories of south coast plaza days with Nana- I think all of the Bowman grandkids do. I love that I can bring along Baby A on long days spent hanging out Nana. Having a kid is pretty cool. Days like today make me remember why. Family.

*please excuse the crazy effects, my phone was set to "random."

"make sure you get the scenary." -Nana
Disney has taken over South Coast Plaza too?
$1 Carousel Ride...We didn't have enough cash. LOL!
Papa & Little Mister
I breastfeed in public!
pure exhaustion after today.
Shnazzin' up the work clothes.
I'm not gonna lie, I was scared they were both going to fall into the fountain...but they didn't!

From this day forward,

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